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Endothelial Defense Pomegranate Complete - 60 Softgels


Boost Endothelial Function For Vascular Health
Proper endothelial function is an important factor for optimal heart health. Even with cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the healthy range, ageing individuals need to maintain youthful integrity of their endothelium, the thin inner layer of our blood vessels.
Based on scientific studies, health-conscious people have been drinking pomegranate juice or taking a pomegranate supplement to improve endothelial function.

Going Beyond Pomegranate

The addition of CORDIART™, an extract from sweet orange peels to pomegranate provides another vascular benefit by activating the bodily messenger nitric oxide, which signals the smooth muscles of the blood vessels to relax, inducing vasodilation.

In a clinical trial, supplementation with 500 mg of CORDIART daily produced an 18% improvement in flow-mediated dilation, a marker of endothelial function. In addition, CORDIART™ inhibited the pro-inflammatory factors C-reactive protein and serum amyloid A that disrupt healthy nitric oxide production.

Triple-Action Protection

The newly formulated Endothelial Defense™ combines three nutrients clinically shown to help with blood flow and age-related changes in endothelial function: GliSODin®, Full-Spectrum Pomegranate™, and CORDIART™.
GliSODin®, an orally active form of superoxide dismutase (SOD) has been demonstrated to support healthy arterial function and structure while boosting levels of the body’s protective enzymes—SOD and catalase.
The new Endothelial Defense™ also provides a full-spectrum pomegranate extract from different parts of the plant. The extracts from the whole fruit and its flowers, together with pomegranate seed oil provide potent polyphenols clinically shown to support healthy blood flow, glucose and lipid metabolism as well as healthy inflammatory factors.
Endothelial Defense™ with Full-Spectrum Pomegranate™ and CORDIART™ addresses many factors involved in healthy endothelial function in a dose of two softgels per day.

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