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Elderberry Cold & Flu 100mg - 60 Capsules


High-quality elderberry extract is well known for being a powerful antioxidant, boosting the immune system, and fighting viruses and bacteria. The quality of the different elderberry products on the market varies greatly. It’s essential to know which strain of elderberry is being used, the type of soil it is grown in, which active ingredients are in the final product, as well as the potency.

We use a premium, unadulterated, Elderberry extract called Eldercraft® Elderberry – Premium European Black Elderberry Extract We use the best elderberries in the world – they come from Styria, a beautiful region of southeast Austria. Our elderberries are grown in extremely clean and magnesium-rich soil. They are from the Haschberg variety of elderberry trees. They are famous for having huge bluish-black berries which are rich in anthocyanins. Skilled local farmers handpick the highest quality of fully ripened, deeply coloured berries. We use only these premium berries in our final product. We use a clean “solvent-free” extraction process to ensure a clean and healthy final product.

Our Eldercraft(R) elderberry is not one single component. It’s an active blend of natural fruit anthocyanins, polysaccharides and berry micronutrients. We standardize the final product to contain at least 14% of the active ingredient anthocyanins, which is an extremely high percentage. Our elderberry is certified Non-GMO. We use premium veggie caps and zero magnesium stearate or other unhealthy fillers. If you decide to break open the capsules you can mix the powder in water, juice, or a shake. It dissolves very well, is a beautiful deep purple, and it tastes great.

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