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DNA Protection Formula - 30 Capsules


Your DNA makes up your genes and contains all information about who you are. But it is easily damaged by toxins residing in your body and in the environment. DNA Protection Formula contains a unique combination of plant extracts and zinc to help you protect your genes from toxins. 

Toxins both inside and outside your body can affect your gene expression negatively. Since your genes are the "code of life", it is important to maintain healthy DNA throughout your life. This especially becomes relevant with advanced age, as these toxins gradually damage the strands over time. Luckily, however, natural supplementation can help you provide your DNA-strands with an extra defense to make sure that you have healthy gene expression throughout your life.

Scientists have documented that certain nutrients can help strengthen the body’s natural
DNA defenses against toxins in the environment. Hence, the formula for this product provides a unique combination of natural ingredients (xanthohumol, watercress extract, chlorophyllin, and zinc) to provide a powerful formula to support a healthy gene expression.

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