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Digestive Enzyme Blend - 90 Capsules | Udo's Choice


Contains plant-based enzymes to assist the breakdown key nutrient and to optimize the body’s absorption and use of food nutrients. 

Contains the most complete range of 7  specific enzymes designed to breakdown each major nutrients type, i.e. carbs, protein

  • protease to break down protein
  • lipase to break down fat
  • amylase to break down starches, sugars & carbohydrates
  • cellulose to break down vegetable fibre
  • lactase to break down lactose (milk sugar)
  • alpha-galactosidase to break down fermentable carbohydrates/oligosaccharides
  • bromelain to break down protein

Provide support & relief to people suffering from gas, bloating, IBS, irregularity, reflux, allergies, fatigue, leaky gut & candida

Great for athletes who consume a large amount of food. ie triathletes, runners, cyclists, bodybuilders

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