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Chlorophyllin 100mg - 100 Capsules


The DNA in every cell of your body suffers 10,000 oxidative hits per day, leading to the formation of different oxidative DNA lesions. According to human studies, lifestyle and environmental influences may profoundly affect outcomes of ageing.

Environmental toxins (e.g., cigarette smoke, coal dust, diesel emission particles) are not the only concern, though. Food cooked at high temperature cause cellular damage too. Deep-fried food, including beef steak, hamburgers and bacon, leads to the formation of gene-mutating heterocyclic amines. So-called healthy food may contain small amounts of similarly undesirable substances.

Chlorophyllin has been attested for its DNA-protective and antioxidant properties, inhibiting DNA adduction. It is also an antioxidant, helps to protect mitochondria and plays a role in preventing unavoidable dietary exposure to aflatoxin, a naturally occurring mycotoxin.

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