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C8 MCT Powder Ashwagandha - 260g | The Friendly Fat Company


More energy, less stress! C8 MCT-Powder with organic Ashwagandha extract. Feel energized, calm and focused. Unflavoured. 260g.

Energize & calm your mind

Formulated to fuel the brain with energy while keeping the mind calm to get you into that focused zen mode.

Reduce stress & anxiety

Research shows that Ashwagandha helps decrease the stress hormone cortisol and is most known for combatting stress, anxiety and irritability.

Get long lasting energy

MCT-oil is instantly converted to ketones that gives you instant energy. Energy from ketones lasts longer than the energy from carbs (glucose).

Balance your blood sugar

MCT-oil increases satiety, keeps your blood sugar stable and helps to reduce hunger and cravings between meals.

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