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Bump and Glory Pregnancy (Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil) - 30 Capsules


Motherhood is a beautiful, scary, life-altering experience during which you need to take great care of yourself & your growing baby.

A healthy diet is vital & including oily fish is critical as it contains DHA, a building block of our brains & eyes. Just one Bump & Glory capsule a day gives you 560 mg of DHA. More than a whole tin of sardines. It will support you at every stage from pre-conception, to pregnancy & breastfeeding. 

Every single batch is independently certified by IFOS using the strictest purity & quality criteria, giving you a guarantee that our oil is as pure & powerful asit gets with no heavy metals or other contaminants.

We use fish gelatin to make our capsules & our oil is super fresh, so no nasty fishy burps. 

 It's the mother of all Omega 3s. 

DHA, a type of Omega 3 fatty acid, is a major component of our brain, eye tissue and skin. During pregnancy. The blood prioritises the mother's DHA for the baby and breast milk, literally taking it from the mother's brain and tissues. A growing baby needs a lot of DHA, with the brain increasing around 30 times from around 24 weeks gestation to about 2 years of age. DHA is found in oily fish such as salmon, sardine and anchovy. Many mothers' diets are lacking in these sources and studies have shown links between levels of DHA and depression or mood problems. 

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