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Breast Health Formula - 60 Capsules


Women seeking to proactively restore their youthful hormonal balance can take a phytonutrient-based formula for healthy oestrogen activity and detoxification. Some of the active ingredients in the Breast Health Formula are:
  • Phytoestrogens- selective oestrogen receptor modifiers that help to block bad oestrogen from exerting its harmful effects;
  • Plant lignans- boosting beneficial enterolactone levels that favourably alter oestrogen metabolism;
  • Cruciferous vegetable extracts and I3C- increasing 2-hydroxyestrone, while reducing undesirable 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone;
  • Calcium d-Glucarate- safely facilitating the removal of harmful oestrogen from the body through inhibiting beta-glucuronidase, a bad enzyme;
  • Vitamin D- promoting healthy genetic regulatory switching to ageing cells.
Breast Health Formula provides nutrients that have demonstrated broad-spectrum support for preserving optimal breast health.

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