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Black Cumin Seed Oil with Bio-Curcumin - 60 Softgels


As we age, a balanced immune and inflammatory response becomes critical to guarding our health. Research has shown Black Cumin Seed Oil to be particularly effective. Scientists have determined that black cumin seeds contain a broad spectrum of active compounds. When combined, they provide powerful and wide-ranging immune support and help with inflammation. Black Cumin Seed Oil has been proven to support the normal effectiveness of a number of biological factors involved in inflammation.

An ageing healthy immune system needs to orchestrate the activity of macrophages and helper T-cells. Black Cumin Seed Oil was also shown to support the optimal function of this vitally important defensive activity. By acting on both immune and inflammatory factors, Black Cumin Seed Oil supports a healthy immune system, so important in our elderly years, and facilitates a healthy inflammatory response.


As a substance found in the spice turmeric, curcumin impresses scientists with its remarkable multiple health benefits. It was first used by Indians more than 3,000 years ago in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  Some of its wonderful benefits are helping to reduce inflammation, to maintain a healthy bowel and joint functions, as well as protecting your brain from age-related problems. Curcumin has also been known as having antioxidant properties. The problem is that curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Bio-Curcumin® absorbs up to seven times better than conventional curcumin. This turmeric formulation provides far greater peak blood levels and remains in the bloodstream almost twice as long as conventional supplements.

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