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Beyond Greens - 255g | Udo's Choice


An organic source of the most complete nutrition: protein, enzymes, vitamins & essentials fatty acids.

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens is a vegan revitalising blend of certified organic greens, which includes fermented grasses, green vegetables and superfoods spirulina, dulse and chlorella, alfalfa, barley, wheat, rye and oat grass powders plus broccoli and kale

Contains fermented grasses which act like ‘pre-digestion’. The 'good' bacteria help break down the fibrous cell walls of the greens and vegetables leading to less chance of indigestion, gas and bloating as well as better bioavailability of nutrients.

Rich in antioxidants, B12, Vitamin K, iron and iodine

Greens are the basic foundation of health and are an excellent source of antioxidants. 

Beyond Greens can be taken with water, in a smoothie or in baking.

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