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Bergatone (Bergamot) - 90 Capsules


Bergatone is a safe and effective natural supplement that contains the highest strength, premium-grade bergamot fruit extract (BPF) with high strength Olea Europaea leaf extract, vitamin C, chromium and alpha-linoleic acid.

When taken 30 minutes before a meal, the polyphenols in this supplement bind to bad fats released from food within the gut.

The premium-grade Olea Europaea leaf extract co-exists with the bergamot fruit extract to optimise the efficacy of the active polyphenols on improving both cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors.

Bergatone contains four key polyphenols, which enable it to bind to dietary fats and prevent them from being used by the body. These micronutrients are scientifically proven to balance cholesterol and support cardiovascular health.

Every batch is quality tested by our Pharmacists.

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