Welcome to amrita nutrition (previously Functional Nutrition Supplements). Our brand new site has a number of features that you can now use. To help you become used to these new features, we’ve provided some hints and tips in this email.

Our new site has now been in place for a couple of days, we apologise for any teething issues and are working through these as fast as we can. In the meantime, if you come across any problems then don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you were a registered user of our Functional Nutrition Supplements site, both you and your affiliated clients will now be registered on our new site. Please note, you no longer need codes for you clients to receive discount, and for you to receive commission. This is now all managed through your account! Your commission is set to 20% by default in the new system, so if you’d like to offer some of this 20% as a discount to your clients then read on to find out how.

If you weren’t previously registered, create a brand new account and select the practitioner option. Once approved, you can start benefitting from all the practitioner only functionality and earn your commission from your clients’ purchases.

The key benefits of using our new website are management of your affiliated clients, commission earned to date and allowing your clients to purchase products from restricted manufacturers.

To get started on our new system, follow the steps below to view our new features.

  1. You should have received a welcome email from us to login to your new account. If you’ve not, please visit https://www.amritanutrition.co.uk/customer/account/login/ and set a new password by using your email address and selecting ‘forgot your password’. Follow the steps from the email you receive to set up your account. 

  2. Once you’re logged in to your account, you can check and update your information in the tabs ‘Personal information’, ‘Addresses’ and ‘Practice information’. Set your default billing and shipping addresses for ease of online ordering.  Simply click on the arrows to expand each section and view the information.

  3. View the clients affiliated to you using the ‘Clients’ tab and selecting ‘View All’.

    If you need to affiliate a client, simply click ‘Invite Client’ and input their name and email address. Clients can affiliate themselves to you too, they simply need to create a customer account and when they login click ‘Affiliate to a practitioner’. Once here, they need to type your name into the practitioner field to add themselves to your client list. They need to type your name exactly as it is in your account, so please let them know.

    If you used an affiliate code on our previous site, please note you no longer need this to pass on a discount or earn commission. Instead, view and update your commission settings so that you earn commission every time an affiliated client orders, automatically. 

  4. In the new website, you have control over the commission you earn from your affiliated client’s orders and the discount they receive. Simply go to your ‘Commission settings’ and set the commission to discount ratio – remember to regularly check back the commission you’ve earned to date in your ‘Commission statements’ tab. Please note that the commission setting you choose applies to all of your affiliated clients. 

  5. If you regularly order the same products for you or your clients, mark products as a favourite and quickly access these from the ‘Favourites’ section of your account.