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Past Events

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We work closely with our partners and supplier to offer the most up to date training and research.

The following event recordings are available to practitioners only, unless stated otherwise.

If you'd like to access the recordings for any of the following events, please email us at and include the title of the webinar in the subject line.


Herbal Antimicrobials - Essential Tools for a Holistic Approach to Tick-borne Diseases and its Co-Infections


This exclusive event explained the importance of herbal antimicrobials and nutritional supplements as two important pillars of how to approach Lyme disease. MakeWell also focused on other recommended changes such as diet and lifestyle adjustments and social support. Attendees were given an overview of how MakeWell’s synergistic Herbal Range Formulas have been included successfully by many practitioners in their protocols.

Hosted by: Dr Carsten Nicolaus, a world-renowned expert for Tick-borne Diseases, and MakeWell’s Senior Scientific Consultant for Nutrition and Education and Biomedical Researcher, Lydia Madrigal.

This event took place live on Thursday, 19th May 2022 Registration required