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FAQ for

Who is the .com site for? is for customers outside of the UK. The site will service our European and rest of the world practitioners and their clients.

How will I know I’m on the right website?

If you are shipping to the UK you will be prompted to go to the site and vice versa. You will still be able to order to the UK should you wish, however you may incur further charges.

How will the pricing be displayed?

Pricing will be displayed in Euros excluding VAT.

What about tax and duties?

For customers within the EU, there will be no duty charges. VAT will be calculated at checkout. For customers outside the EU, tax and duties will be payable upon delivery. 

Why are the prices different compared to the site?

We have to factor in exchange rate fluctuations, different warehousing costs, and import duties, therefore there may be small variances between the two websites.

Will my order history be on the .com site?

We are unable to transfer order history, you will still be able to access your order history through your login on the site.

Will I be able to see my favourite products?

Your wish list will have to be recreated. We are unable to transfer this information over.

Will my address book remain?

Yes, however any updates will only be reflected on the site where the change has been made.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.