Food IgG Finger Prick Test

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Markers included are:

IgG Antibodies to 60 Foods



Reporting time:

7 days

What’s the science?

When large fragments of food (‘antigens’) pass through the gut wall, your immune system creates IgG antibodies to attach to them. These antigen-antibody complexes are deposited in body tissues, where they contribute to a range of symptoms.

Why choose this test?

  • Use the easy, at-home test kit to collect a blood sample.

  • Return the sample to the lab for analysis and discover which foods may be problematic for you.

  • Receive a report with tailored advice and resources to help you create a way of eating that works for you.

How Healthpath works

  1. Get your kit Order and receive your test kit within 3 days. Fill out your symptom survey and tell us more about your health
  2. Perform your test Complete the test in the comfort of your own home. Return your sample to the lab using a prepaid envelope
  3. Review your results Access your practitioner-reviewed results online. Receive personalised advice, supplement recommendations and extra resources
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  • A simple, at-home test kit

  • Pre-paid return envelope

  • Practitioner-reviewed results

  • Easy-to-understand test reports

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice

Each test kit includes:

1 x test instructions

1 x sample transport tube

1 x sterile swab

2 x sticking plasters

1 x blood collection tube

2 x safety lancets

1 x disposal bag

1 x clam-pack

1 x request form

1 x prepaid return envelope

To make your test results as accurate as possible, it’s important you follow these guidelines.

  1. Do NOT perform the test if

  • you’re pregnant

  • you’re taking immunosuppressant drugs

Do NOT discontinue any medications in order to take the test. You can take a test 4–6 weeks after giving birth.

  1. Follow your normal diet before you take the test.

  1. If there’s a food that you’ve avoided for more than 3 months but which you would like tested (e.g. cow’s milk), reintroduce that food. Eat one portion of the food daily for a week before taking the test. Do NOT eat anything to which you have a known allergy.