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Free radicals are produced normally in the body during metabolism and also as a result of chronic stress. Also, living in a world that is far from clean and pure, the body must cope with the daily challenges of a toxic world. A strong and effective dietary supplement can overcome the unavoidable, harmful effects of our environment. For patients with pronounced oxidative stress (revealed through laboratory markers such as lipid peroxides) higher dosages can be used to reverse damage and resist future problems.

Support Anti-Ox is a potent antioxidant formula with a synergistic blend of nutrients formulated to protect every cell in the body from free radical damage. When we set out to create an antioxidant formula, we had questions for prominent manufacturers about their formulas: “Why are the levels of CoQ10 so low? Why is there such a small amount of Alpha Lipoic acid and grape seed extract? Why don’t you use natural carotenoids?” To these questions and others he received a consistent response: “It would be too expensive. We compete with health food stores.” Knowing that patients with pronounced oxidative stress require high levels of certain nutrients, we took the position that it is costly to use cheap antioxidants – he formulated Support Anti-Ox to provide robust antioxidant support.

It would take multiple multi-nutrient antioxidant products to achieve the combined therapeutic levels available in Support Anti-Ox. This popular product is the result of the study of hundreds of patients and their oxidative stress lab results. Using the data yielded by this study, we were able to synthesize a single product that incorporates antioxidants proven successful in fighting oxidative stress. Besides classic free radical scavengers and the finest antioxidant substances in their ideal forms, Support Anti-Ox also includes pure-form bioflavonoids, which are necessary for tissue healing and reducing the inflammation that is associated with excessive oxidative stress. Support Anti-Ox is an ideal daily supplement also used by doctors in therapeutic protocols that address advanced oxidative stress.