To get the ball rolling, here is my contribution. There are two nutrients that are now form the mainstay in protocols for my Hashimoto’s patients as well as those suffering from subclinical hypothyroidism. One item you will all be familiar with is selenium which has shown to decrease TPO levels, the other is myo-inositol.

Traditionally I have used myo-inositol for PCOS, PMS, depression and uterine fibroids although there are many other clinical applications. More recently a mentor pointed me this research

I have seen appreciable symptomatic improvements in patients using this combination as well as a marked reduction in antibodies and increases in free thyroid hormones.

I have trialled different products and doses and have detailed my current patient recommendations below.

Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Protocol

Protocol for Life Balance: Myo-Inositol Powder

1 level teaspoon added to water twice daily away from food


Designs for Health: Sensitol

2 capsules twice daily away from food

Inositol should be taken on an empty stomach, either v30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours afterwards.


Seeking Health: Selenium 200 mcg

1 capsule daily with food