Adrenal Cortisol/DHEA Profile

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Markers included are:

Cortisol, DHEA, Cortisol:DHEA ratio



Reporting time:

7 days

What’s the science?

Cortisol is a hormone that’s secreted by your adrenal glands. In a healthy person, it should peak in the morning and slowly decline during the day. Any deviation from this daily pattern suggests an irregular stress response.

Why choose this test?

  • Use the simple, at-home test kit to collect five saliva samples.

  • Return samples for analysis and learn about your circadian rhythm and total cortisol production.

  • Receive personalised recommendations to balance your stress levels and optimise your energy.

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How Healthpath works

  1. Get your kit Order and receive your test kit within 3 days. Fill out your symptom survey and tell us more about your health
  2. Perform your test Complete the test in the comfort of your own home. Return your sample to the lab using a prepaid envelope
  3. Review your results Access your practitioner-reviewed results online. Receive personalised advice, supplement recommendations and extra resources
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  • Simple, at-home test kit

  • Pre-paid return envelope

  • Practitioner-reviewed results

  • Easy-to-understand test reports

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice

Each test kit includes:

1 x test instructions

1 x sample collection pack

5 x straws

5 x saliva collection tubes

5 x sample ID stickers

1 x prepaid return envelope

1 x request form

To make your test results as accurate as possible, it’s important you follow these guidelines.

  1. Do NOT perform the test if:

  • you’re pregnant

  • you’re taking or have taken steroids or hydrocortisone-containing medicine or creams in the past 7 days

  • you’re supplementing with DHEA

Do NOT stop any medication without first consulting your doctor.

  1. Take all five samples on the same day. If you forget to take a sample, don’t substitute it with one from the following day. Please get in touch with us to arrange another kit.

  1. You’re advised to take your sample on a day which would most represent your usual waking hours. If these vary or this isn’t possible, please take as described below on a day that’s convenient for you.